| Meet: Jeremy McLerran
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meet jeremy mclerran

Jeremy is a member of the panel for Wednesday afternoon’s “What Keeps You Up at Night?” interactive session.

Jeremy McLerran

Director of Marketing, Qolsys

Jeremy McLerran manages a team of marketing professionals supporting dealers in their implementation of the latest in security and smart home technology.  He is credited with multiple successful marketing campaigns including “Kill the Fob,” “Retire the Truck,” “Moving the Goalposts” and “1980 Called, it Wants its Security Panel Back.”


Prior to his role at Qolsys, Jeremy worked for an SDM 10 dealer, running customer marketing for a base of over 300,000 customers and leading sales training for over 1200 security sales consultants.


Before he entered the security industry, he spent more than a decade in the call center industry, personally writing thousands of pages of training material for companies such as Sprint, American Express, and Verizon. He trained thousands of employees in sales, customer service, and tech support.  He was later put in charge of employee retention for an entire company with contact centers in multiple countries, traveling to each center to help manage facility improvements, build incentive programs and develop managers and leaders to decrease employee attrition.