| ESA's Leadership Summit Breaks the Mold with Interactive Tech
ESA's Leadership Summit will use interactive technology to enrich presentations and engage industry executives like never before.
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09 Jan Leadership Summit Breaks the Mold with Interactive Tech

Interactive tech empowers leaders to have richer conversations at Leadership Summit.

Leaving a conference with questions left unanswered is frustrating. At their worst, entire conferences are limited to the same few voices during all their panels and Q&A sessions, leaving out a majority of people in the room and missing valuable points of conversation.

That is why the Electronic Security Association’s 2018 Leadership Summit, being held Feb. 12-15 in Savannah, Ga, will break the mold and put a fresh spin on the typical presentation format. The Summit will use powerful event technology to make sessions engaging, relevant and interactive for the electronic security and life safety leaders in attendance.

Top-notch presenters will use interactive presentation software from in select sessions to run live polls and take questions from the audience in real-time, creating a richer discussion.

The software will allow presenters to interact with the entire audience at once, taking each member’s opinion through polls and voting mechanisms, and removing the reliance on hand counting and mic passing for participation in the discussion.

Guests will be able to easily access the software through an online interface using their phones, laptops, or tablets. During the presentation, the audience will respond in real time with questions, votes, and even comments on other guests’ statements. Participants will choose either to be identifiable or anonymous, allowing the industry executives to ask the questions they otherwise might not.

This system will ensure that the questions mattering most get answers — and will open a new level of dialogue between the presenters and the audience. Leaders will return to the office with answers to their most pressing questions.

Through the use of this technology, the Summit’s presentations will become more immersive and interactive than ever before, because at an event that prioritizes connections, clear communication is vital.

Experts on the Leadership Summit stage will cover cyber security, evolving customer expectations, time management, disruptive marketing trends, company culture and more.

Registration packages for Leadership Summit are still available. All Access Passes include the full lineup of main stage events, seminars, as well as networking events and one-on-one meetings with vendors, integrators and monitoring professionals alike.

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